Bintang Subsea Safety Statistics


logo_glowa Safe Project is a Good Project. Bintang Subsea Always Maintain The Level of Safety in Each Project so that Each Project is Carried out Safely

Bintang Subsea Group maintain its operation to done safely.Company successfully secure Zero Fatalities with 858.394 Total Man Hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) during 2016-2020. Bintang Subsea Group maintain a positive trend of Safety Participation each years, Safety Observation Cards and Safety Flashs Quantity and Quantity is improved each years


Bintang Subsea LTI Statistics

Bintang Subsea Group's commitment to safety. Over 1 million total man hours without lost time injury (LTI) nor fatalities.

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Bintang Subsea Safety Observation Participation Statistics

Bintang Subsea Group's increasing safety participation year-on-year. Safety Flash/Moment is consistently kept at a minimum level.

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