Bintang Subsea Academy “ADCP Training”

We are incredibly proud of Bintang Academy program formed for the professional and technical development of our survey personnel. The Academy not only focuses on technical training but skills to ensure smooth & efficient Team dynamics, with everyone working towards common goals and collaborative problem solving. These are critical skills for offshore survey teams often working in remote environments requiring high a degree of self-reliance.
A lot of time is spent on Industry best practice for maintenance and operation of survey instruments. Survey instruments can be out in the ocean for months at a time and Bintang Subsea trains its Teams to ensure high-performance tools deliver trusted data our clients can rely on.
Bintang Subsea are proud of our collaboration with Geotronix who provided an insightful ADCP session and ISES for Cathodic Potential Training.
The Academy is another reason to make Bintang Subsea your Survey partner of choice.