Subsea Spool-Piece Metrology Campaigns in Indonesia

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Bintang Subsea recently completed a number of subsea spool-piece metrology campaigns in Indonesia. With tights window for installation and measurements, Bintang Subsea mobilised an acoustic metrology solution for rapid installation onto construction barges in Indonesia. Working at sites crowded with existing pipelines and structures meant there was no room for error, and fast visualisation and reporting of the results in 3D was required to allow spools to be constructed offshore and installed within hours of completing the metrology measurements




Jacket / Platform & Subsea Structure Installation Survey & Positioning

With extensive experience in the world of offshore construction for both subsea and topside installations, Bintang Subsea has an established set of comprehensive work methods and procedures to effectively achieve the desired targets and goals.

“Perform all works effectively and correctly from conception, execution through to completion”



Subsea Pipeline, Platform, & Structural Inspection

We have the experience to provide professional, informed inspection teams and management to projects. Experienced in the use of many inspection data acquisition and management packages, NDT equipment, techniques and processes, Bintang Subsea can provide a full turn-key service for all subsea assets inspection programs.

“A full-turn key for all IRM programs”