Bintang Subsea team have just deployed buoys, monitored weather conditions, and collected oceanographic and environmental data in our long-term monitoring met-ocean project. These buoys were deployed for the feasibility study of the marine environment before further development at the survey area. We’ve been hard at work collectively deploying sensors that

The Bintang Survey team continue to deliver high precision survey data on their mission in Myanmar. With such scenic views as a backdrop– it doesn’t get better than this!

We are incredibly proud of Bintang Academy program formed for the professional and technical development of our survey personnel. The Academy not only focuses on technical training but skills to ensure smooth & efficient Team dynamics, with everyone working towards common goals and collaborative problem solving. These are critical skills for

Bintang Subsea Completes first platform-based diving program in Myanmar

Bintang Subsea Myanmar has completed their first Air Diving operations from an offshore installation in Myanmar. The client had a requirement for cleaning off marine growth in the splash down to -15m. The challenge of the job was the scope of work was very short for a platform that was very remote from ports that berthed DPII dive support vessels that would normally do such work.

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Both the cost and the time to mobilise a vessel to site became prohibitive relative to the very short time required for Diving operations.

The solution to the challenge was to mobilise one of Shelf Subsea’s Air Diving Systems to the platform. Then install it, test it, and execute the diving from it.

The success of performing a project like this depends on careful pre-planning and pre-engineering. Once the Air Dive system is at site, there is no opportunity to significantly change, modify, or bring extra parts to the delivered system and tool sets. Close attention was given to General arrangement and footprint, installation logistics, deck loading limits, clearance for the LARS system, baskets management, and sea fastening.

We are proud to say the teams excellent planning lead to a job done right: first time, on time, on budget, and most importantly- incident free.

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Bintang Subsea completed one of the deepest Saturation Diving Projects in Indonesia

nusantara 2
Nusantara Mobilising for one of the Deepest Diving Jobs done in Indonesia

Bintang Subsea has completed one the deepest Saturation Diving jobs ever performed in Indonesia.  Our experienced dive team worked at depths ranging to 230m in the Madura Straits.

The scope of work was urgent, and Bintang Subsea operational, logistical, and engineering support were able to execute a rapid mobilisation. The team successfully completed the work scope on time and on budget, which included changing out subsea control modules and flying leads of the client’s subsea production system


Subsea control system
Changing out the subsea control system

A relatively short job covering 387 operational hours, the work was performed in medium currents with medium visibility, and there were no recordable incidents.

Another job well done…another happy client.

Bintang Subsea Completes Longest Saturation Diving Project to date

Bintang Subsea has completed the companies longest Saturation Diving program yet.  Working onboard the Indonesian flagged NPP Nusantara to provide diving services, extensive installation work was performed on the BP Tangguh project in West Papua from March – June 2019.

The scope of work included; installation aid removal, spool installation, pipeline gelling, launcher receiver removal, Mattress installation and debris clearance. Overall 202 bell runs were performed in water depths ranging from 27m to 62m in challenging environmental conditions including strong currents and poor visibility.

A feature of the job was the outstanding diving operations – with over 2664 operational hours on the project, there were no record able incidents.

Likewise, the operational and logistical support to one of the remotest regions in Indonesia was executed professionally and without incident, a testament to Bintang Subsea’s specialised skills, experienced management team, and extensive background working in Indonesia.

Nsantara 1849
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Salvage Inspection Bathymetry Survey

Bintang Subsea have recently completed multibeam survey operations for the assessment and salvage operations planning for a stricken vessel involved in a grounding incident. Fast mobilisation and completion of survey operations were a must to have the required seabed bathymetry data for the salvage master to determine salvage operational planning to recover the vessel in a timely fashion. Using the latest survey data processing and 3D visualization software, clients were impressed with the quality of the results, delivered within hours of survey completion.