Critical Survey and Positioning Services for Subsea Hyperbaric Welding Project

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Bintang Subsea recently provided critical survey and positioning services, as part of a complex, yet very successful subsea hyperbaric welding project. The project required timely and accurate high resolution seabed surveys, ROV and diver based pipeline inspections, and high precision positioning and stability monitoring of subsea piling to support the efficiency and safety of the works

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Subsea Spool-Piece Metrology Campaigns in Indonesia

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Bintang Subsea recently completed a number of subsea spool-piece metrology campaigns in Indonesia. With tights window for installation and measurements, Bintang Subsea mobilised an acoustic metrology solution for rapid installation onto construction barges in Indonesia. Working at sites crowded with existing pipelines and structures meant there was no room for error, and fast visualisation and reporting of the results in 3D was required to allow spools to be constructed offshore and installed within hours of completing the metrology measurements




Our Projects History – Survey Services, Positioning Services, and Subsea Inspection Services

Servicing clients through the Asia Pacific region and beyond, Bintang Subsea always delivering high quality services that meet or exceed client requirements, safely, efficiently and within budget.



Subsea Pipeline, Platform, & Structural Inspection

We have the experience to provide professional, informed inspection teams and management to projects. Experienced in the use of many inspection data acquisition and management packages, NDT equipment, techniques and processes, Bintang Subsea can provide a full turn-key service for all subsea assets inspection programs.

“A full-turn key for all IRM programs”



Bintang Subsea Services

Offshore Inspection, Survey and Positioning Services


Bintang Subsea’s mission is to provide timely, reliable, accurate and cost-effective Inspection, Survey and Positioning services to the offshore Oil and Gas industry.

Bintang Subsea are experts in providing offshore Inspection, Survey and Positioning services, including:

  • Subsea Pipeline, Platform & Structural Inspection
  • Drilling Rig Positioning
  • Barge & Anchor Handling Tug Positioning

    Offshore Inspection, Survey and Positioning Services
    Offshore Inspection, Survey and Positioning Services
  • Subsea Pipeline & Umbilical Installation Survey & Positioning
  • Jacket / Platform & Subsea Structure Installation Survey & Positioning
  • FPSO Installation / Decommissioning Survey & Positioning
  • Site & Route Surveys (Pre/Post-Construction)
  • Nearshore hydrographic Surveys
  • Inshore and Navigability Surveys
  • Training
  • Consultancy and project management services
  • Offshore Personnel Supply

Through our network of reliable partners, Bintang Subsea can also provide:

  • ROVs & ROV Personnel Services
  • Geotechnical Services—Boreholes / CPT / Coring
  • MetOcean studies
  • DSV, ROVSV and Survey Vessels

Offshore Inspection, Survey and Positioning Services