Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) Policy

  • BINTANG SUBSEA expects a safe and healthy work environment for all staff and contract personnel.

    We believe that all occupational injuries and illness and all losses and damage to equipment or the environment are preventable, and that HSE is the responsibility of all personnel.

    BINTANG SUBSEA is committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers, and seek to meet or exceed customer expectations at all times.

    Our commitment:

    • We aim to prevent all accidents, incidents and injuries
    • We will demonstrate QHSE leadership, accountability and commitment from all Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Employees
    • We will provide high quality services that meet or exceed our customers expectations and aim for continual improvement in all areas of our operations.
    • We will develop and operate an integrated management system that complies with internationally recognizes standards
    • We will adhere to all relevant national and international laws and regulations
    • We will provide appropriate HSE training & protective equipment to our employees.
    • We will measure and report our HSE performance and continually improve our performance, systems and policies.
    • We will continually train and develop the competencies of our staff.
    • We will assess the environmental impact of our operations, and seek to segregate and reduce or eliminate waste, and prevent environmental pollution.
    • We will ensure that our policies, objectives and procedures are communicated, and that allstaff are aware of their statutory duties and responsibilities.

    Our goal:

    • Zero fatalities
    • Zero lost time injuries (LTI’s)
    • Zero spillage of fuel, oil lube or rubbish into the ocean
  • BS-SOP-POL-01 QHSE Policy

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