DSV Resolution

MEO Resolution 16x9

The RESOLUTION is an Indonesian flagged DP2 Multipurpose Support Vessel.The Vessel has been specially modified for Inspection, Repair and Maintenance(IRM) and construction support tasks but she is also capable of geophysical and geotechnical survey.

A purpose built moon pool on the main deck allows for the easy deployment of additional survey sensors.  With 60 berths, a 20T man-riding crane and 20T A-Frame, work class ROV and optional air diving system, the vessel is ideal for a wide range of survey and subsea inspection, repair and maintenance works.

Bintang Subsea is a member of the Shelf Subsea group of companies. Bintang Subsea and Shelf Subsea are IMCA members. Whatever the scope of work, Resolution can be relied upon to complete the project and meet your requirements, with our Commitment without Compromise.

All vessel details are presented herein in good faith and are believed to be correct at time of publication. Vessel specifications are subject to change without notice.Revision date July, 28th 2018.

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