Bintang Subsea Completes Longest Saturation Diving Project to date

Bintang Subsea has completed the companies longest Saturation Diving program yet.  Working onboard the Indonesian flagged NPP Nusantara to provide diving services, extensive installation work was performed on the BP Tangguh project in West Papua from March – June 2019.

The scope of work included; installation aid removal, spool installation, pipeline gelling, launcher receiver removal, Mattress installation and debris clearance. Overall 202 bell runs were performed in water depths ranging from 27m to 62m in challenging environmental conditions including strong currents and poor visibility.

A feature of the job was the outstanding diving operations – with over 2664 operational hours on the project, there were no record able incidents.

Likewise, the operational and logistical support to one of the remotest regions in Indonesia was executed professionally and without incident, a testament to Bintang Subsea’s specialised skills, experienced management team, and extensive background working in Indonesia.

Nsantara 1849
WhatsApp Image 2019-10-24 at 17.08.41

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