Bintang Subsea completed one of the deepest Saturation Diving Projects in Indonesia

nusantara 2
Nusantara Mobilising for one of the Deepest Diving Jobs done in Indonesia

Bintang Subsea has completed one the deepest Saturation Diving jobs ever performed in Indonesia.  Our experienced dive team worked at depths ranging to 230m in the Madura Straits.

The scope of work was urgent, and Bintang Subsea operational, logistical, and engineering support were able to execute a rapid mobilisation. The team successfully completed the work scope on time and on budget, which included changing out subsea control modules and flying leads of the client’s subsea production system


Subsea control system
Changing out the subsea control system

A relatively short job covering 387 operational hours, the work was performed in medium currents with medium visibility, and there were no recordable incidents.

Another job well done…another happy client.

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